For three decades we have been installing luxury hardwood flooring in high-end spaces which gives us an exceptional level of expertise. Since the beginning we have been committed to expanding our knowledge of wood and to providing an ease of service from start to finish. Our staff is comprised of highly trained and knowledgeable hardwood flooring installers whose specialized skills, tools, and machines make it possible for us to install and to finish a wide variety of luxury hardwood floors that generally require professional installation.

We have access to the best and most respected wood finishes from around the world. We have the capability to mix stains and colors which allows us to create unique and custom colors for our clients. Our toolkit and machines are state-of-art and constantly updated to be cutting edge in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our clients’ floors and our industry.

We are invested in working with our customers hand in hand and will be there every step of the way. From start to finish—from the initial measurement of your space to the vacuuming and sweeping of your new floors after installation is complete—you will never be rushed through any step of the process for we understand and respect that each floor, space, and client has unique requirements. Our genuine personal service combined with the promise of an exceptional and trusted quality of experience has allowed us to satisfy the needs and tastes of our discriminating clients and to maintain our position as one of the most respected hardwood flooring installation companies in New York City and the greater Tri-State area.

Types of Installations & On-Site Finishes


The natural beauty of previously untouched wood allows us to fully customize your floor according to your needs and desires while we are installing on-site. We have access to the best and most respected wood finishes from around the world. We also have the capability to mix stains and colors which means we can create unique and custom colors for you.

Reaction Stain

Our natural reaction-based stains induce a chemical reaction within wood. This process is very different from widely-used pigment based stains which saturate wood with color. Reaction Stains preserve the unique look of each piece of wood and have the ability to produce a wide variety of beautiful and immediate results such as genuine-looking weathering and an incredible depth and variation of color.


As the quickest option, Prefinished Floors provide less mess and more durability. Without having to wait for an on-site curing process, your floor will be ready to use and enjoy immediately.

Patterns (Herringbone / Chevron)

Embracing the 16th Century tradition of creating detailed patterns with hardwood floors, we can precisely construct a patterned design according to your exact specifications, desires, and needs.

Parquet / Inlays / Borders

For three decades, we have been perfecting the centuries-old craftsman traditions of creating custom parquets, patterns, and borders on-site. Using precision and artisan skills, we can make your new floor into a true work of art.